Hugh Palmer Audio

sound recordist & ENGINEER


Based in Melbourne, Australia

I am a Melbourne Sound Recordist who is passionate about recording sound for any medium. I have a tireless work ethic and strive to ensure that every project sounds the very best that it can while also bringing a friendly and calm demeanor and an easy going attitude.

I offer a wide range of services from location sound recording, audio restoration and on-location music recording. I understand well the tools that audio post use and so I am well equipped to give good technical advice and direction in regards to how we record on set sounds. With a versatile and top of the line audio kit of the most robust and best sounding equipment available I am ready for any production from large to small.


Standard Gear list*

Sound Devices 688 & CL6

4 Lectrosonics Wireless Channels

Wireless DPA Shotgun and Lavalier Microphones

6 Wireless IFB (Sennhieser & Lectro) for Director & Client Monitoring

*Full gear list available on request



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RMK Crew


p: +611300 834 229

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